Thursday, July 22, 2010

Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act

As of today, July 22, 2010, the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act prohibits manufacturers from distributing for sale any tobacco products labeled or advertised as "light," "low," or "mild."

We'd like to ask for your help in putting out the myth on light, low, and mild cigarettes. No matter what they taste, smell, or look like, all cigarettes are harmful to your health. There's no such thing as a safe cigarette.

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Here, you'll find:

o A 30 second audio PSA, Put Out the Myth: There Is No Such Thing as a Safe Cigarette

o A sharable button with links to regulatory, health, and smoking cessation information

o Webpage content syndication information

o Basic consumer fact sheet

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sunscreen and Childcare Regulation

Please see the following clarification from the Section of Child Care Regulation (SCCR) regarding application of sunscreen in child care:

If a child care provider chooses to put sunscreen on children, the following licensing rules at centers need to be followed:

19 CSR 30-62.192(3)(A) The provider is not required to administer medication but may choose to do so.

19 CSR 30-62.192(3)(B) All medication shall be given to a child only with the dated, written permission of the parent(s) stating the length of time medication may be given.

19 CSR 30-62.192(3)(D) All nonprescription medication shall be in the original container and labeled by the parent(s) with the child’s name, and instructions for administration, including the times and amounts for dosages.

19 CSR 30-62.192(3)(E) All medication shall be stored out of reach of children or in a locked container.

19 CSR 30-62.192(3)(F) Medication shall be returned to storage immediately after use.

19 CSR 30-62.192(3)(H) Medication shall be returned to the parent(s) or disposed of immediately when no longer needed.

19 CSR 30-62.192(3)(I) The date and time(s) of administration, the name of the individual giving the medication and the quantity of any medication given shall be recorded promptly after administration. This information shall be filed in the child’s record after the medication is no longer necessary.

For Family Homes, these rules are the same, but the #‟s are: 19 CSR 30-61.185(3)(A), (B), (D), (E),(F), (H),and (I).

LE rules also support the above. 19 CSR 30-60.060(10)(A) through (G)

Although SCCR can’t require providers to administer sunscreen, we do require that they protect the children from over-exposure to the sun. If they choose not to use sunscreen, they’ll have to demonstrate other ways that the children will be protected from the sun, such as shaded areas, hats, long sleeves and pants, and changing the time of day that the children go outside.